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CSC Quad 2x76

CSC Quad 2x76
 5.895,00 DKK
 5.430,00 DKK

Radiator 156 GTA - Original

Radiator 156 GTA - Original
 3.470,00 DKK
 2.998,75 DKK

Diesel filter - H2O Seperator

Diesel filter - H2O Seperator
 219,00 DKK
 158,75 DKK

Air Flow Meter - AFM - Special Offer

Air Flow Meter - AFM - Special Offer
 1.180,00 DKK
 850,00 DKK

Terms & Conditions

About the Store:

  • is a Niche Business and Export oriented online store.
  • We do not have a physical store, but pick is possible (25% VAT Applies)
  • We pride ourselves in servicing Alfista and Fiatista from every corner of the world. We can ship any part - anywhere!
  • Quality is essential, so we only offer high quality parts from renowned manufacturers.
  • We offer a wide selection of Tuning and Original Spare Parts for Alfa Romeo & Fiat. 
  • Also an extensive selection of Genuine Alfa Romeo & Fiat Spare Parts and Accessories.
  • Our Warehouse, boasts an extensive stock, with more then 20.000 Alfa Romeo & Fiat articles.


We stock ca. 80% of the items we offer from our webstore. We strive to send all orders within five working days after the order is placed. We run a Niche Business for Niche Car Brands, so please show understanding if an article may be temporarily sold out, or on back order from the Manufacturer. If any article from your order, is not in stock for immediate dispatch, then we will contact you soon after you placed the order and update you on the situation. You are of course welcome to cancel your order for a part, that is not in stock for dispatch inside 5 days. We kindly ask you to accept the fact, that on some occasions, articles can be on back order for weeks or even months. Items which we typically do not stock all types, at all times, are: Spoilers and Styling Kits, Engines and Exhaust Systems. You are always welcome to contact us prior to placing an order, and check the availability of any item in our store.

We value your Card Security. Our Online Payment System is operated by QuickPay - A leading company in the field of Payment Gateways. QuickPay aheres at all times,  to the latest rules and regulations concerning Data Security for Online Payment. The actual Payment process is completed on an external secured website. You will be lead from, and back to our website during the payment process.

Payment is online, and by Credit Card only.  This is by far the simplest, safest and most advantageous method of payment for You, the customer.  We do not offer payment by Bank Transfer, Paypal or similar payment services.

Important information:  When you order from outside Denmark and pay with Credit Card, please check your Card Issuer procedures in respect to Payment Reservation on International purchases. In most cases your Credit Card Issuer will Reserve the purchase amount from your account immediately after you have completed a Payment Transaction. This does not necessarily mean that we the seller, have charged payment to your Creditcard. It means that your Creditcard issuer reserves the amount to ensure coverage for your purchase. We charge payment only when your order is shipped.  If your order has for example 10 days lead time before we can send (we would then have contacted you on this subject) , then it is important that you understand, that from our end, the payment remains unclaimed, until such time as we send your order. We have experienced customers asking if we "have taken payment but not sent goods" when in fact it is the customers own bank or card issuer, who reserved the payment.  You may experience, that the amount is released again, ca. one week after the order was placed. In any case you have to contact your bank or card issuer to learn the relevant procedure. As the Seller we  have absolutely no say in how the Banks or Card Issuers process International payments from the Card Holders personal account. 

We have the option to charge a lesser amount then you have pre-approved when you placed the order. We can never charge a higher amount then you have pre-approved. If for example you decide to cancel part of your existing order, then we will only charge the corresponding lesser amount. If you decide that you want to add another item to an already existing order, then you have complete a second payment for this new amount.  In this case please contact us by email, and our staff will assist you promptly.

Online Payment Fee:

  • Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Maestro, MasterCard Debit, Visa Electron issued in Countries outside Denmark: Free
  • Dankort & VisaDankort: Free (Danish issued cards)
  • MasterCard, MasterCard Debit, VISA, Visa Electron Issued in Danmark: Free


Small Order Fee:

A fee of 35,00 dkk is added to oders with a purchase of goods less then 350,00 dkk.

VAT - Value Added Tax;

  • Sales with a delivery adress in EU Countries is subject to Danish Sales Tax at the rate of 25%
  • Sales with a delivery adress outside the EU is VAT Free.
  • Orders picked up from our location/Warehouse, is subject to 25% VAT. This also applies if the customer lives outside the EU.
  • When viewing as a guest, prices are shown incl. 25% VAT.  Directly under the item price, the price excl. VAT is also shown.
  • When you log in, and your residing country is outside the EU, all prices are shown excl. VAT.


Price Policy:
We use a fixed price policy. Prices are equal to all.  We do not offer hidden discounts to Clubs or Organisations.

Bank information:
Registration no: 2110 Account no. 6877592098.

Recieving your Package(s):

Always check the contents corresponds to your order, immediately after you have recieved the goods. Any descrepancy must be reported to us by email, no later then two days after reciept of goods.

If upon receipt of your order, the packaging shows signs of damage or is partly open, - or if you suspect part of the order may be missing or damaged, then it is very important that you either:  a) sign with reservations for damages or missing items,  or  b) completely refuse to accept the package,  and inform us of the problem.

The Transport Insurance only covers until the point where you sign for the package. When you sign for the package, you assume full responsibility for the contents. It is the responsibility of the recipient to prove that missing or damaged items was also missing or damaged at the time of receipt.   Any Transport damage must be reported to us no later then two days after reciept.

Right to regret the purchase:
All sales are initially covered for 14 days, by the right to regret the purchase (fortrydelsesretten). Following exceptions apply.: Articles of an electronic nature when the packaging seal has been broken. The following article group is not covered by  fortrydelsesretten:  a) Tuning Parts designed exclusively  for Motorsport. b) Custom fabricated articles which is exclusively offered from our store, and/or custom fabricated articles.A special agreement with the customer will be done, before the articles is put into production.

Articles witch have been fitted, worn or otherwise taken into use is not covered by fortrydelsesretten . The General rule is that we must be able to resell the item at full price. Some articles of sensitive electronic nature, is pre-tested, and sold in seal packaging.  Breaking this seal, voids the right to regret the purchase, less a special certificate of function is supplied. (f.ex by a Bosch or Marelli Specialist) You can also regret the purchase by refusing to accept the goods upon delivery.

The right to regret the purchase applies to all remote sales delivered by transporter to private individuals. It does not apply to any sales made to a Company or when delivered to a Third Party commercial address.(special agreement with the customer is done before the order is completed)  If the customer returns the item(s) no later then 14 days from date of delivery, and informs Alfastumper, that he/she has regretted the purchase, Alfastumper.will refund the full purchase amount less insurance costs. In addition any payment fees associated with the payment transaction or Customs Clearance Fees, (TaxFree sales outside EU) is non-refundable.

Items returned to us UFRANCO or COD (Collect on Delivery) is not accepted . When returning items, please contact us before you send anything, so that we can coordinate the process.. Unless we arrange the return transport, the customer is solely responsible for any item being returned until we have signed for it in good order.  Please ensure that you package the item securely to avoid damage during transport. The items(s) must be returned in its original packagaging.  Damaged or missing original packaging means that we can not resell the item at full price. We reserve the right to deduct a reasonable amount to cover for our loss.

If outer packaging of the return shipment is open, or bares markings of damage, we reserve the right to refuse acceptance, or to sign with reservations of possible damage/missing contents. In both cases we will try to ensure full photo documentation

Returning goods by Claim:
Unless otherwise agreed, a defective article must be returned in the original packaging within reasonable time after the claim has been discovered.   Please take note, that claims regarding incorrect type articles must be submitted to us in writing via email, no more then two days after you have received the order. In some cases, we will arrange Pick up of return goods.  In other cases, we will ask  you to make your own transport arrangements. Providing your claim is accepted, we will refund your transport expenses.

The two year right to file a claim, is assumed to apply to any sale, and thereby covered under Danish regulation. (Købeloven). If you receive a damaged or incorrect item, this claim must be filed to us via email, within reasonable time after the problem is discovered or should have been discovered. If the claim relates to damage on the product, a special inspection fee of 395,00 dkk must be paid in advance. The fee is refunded if the damage is not self inflicted.  Alfastumper is not liable for any damages in relation of incorret use/installment, indirect expenses,, including third party costs. Special note on Clutch kits and EGR Valves: For claims related to clutch kits and EGR Valves, You are required to document, that the parts was installed by professional staff. The Work Shop who installed the clutch is required to document that the Flywheel was resurfaced prior to installation. The Staff who replaced the EGR Valve is required to document the fault of the original&replaced  EGR Valve. Special note on articles of electronic nature:  For claims on parts of an electtronic nature, You are required to document, that the parts was installed by professional staff. The Work Shop who installed the part is required to document that correct tools and proper precautions was taken, prior to installation.

General Terms of Trade:
We reserve the right to cancel any sale made under the Trade Descriptions Act, if the sale is subject to misprint, incorrect information, incorrect photo description and/or incorrect pricing. Cancellation may also apply if an article is depleted from stock, either temporarily or permanently. Any given order is to be considered as an encouragement to recieve an offer, until such time as accepts the order. The order confirmation is not acceptance, but purely a confirmation of the given order, and in addition the customers copy of our Terms of Trade, sent in the form of a permanent media.

Our address:
Zeatek Tuning
Charlottevej 30 F
4270 Hoeng
Ph. +45 23357495 (week days 12-15 pm)
VAT no. (DK)28409427

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